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“Improve your body's mobility with assistance from trained flexologists.”

StretchLab offers visits with expert flexologists who customize one-on-one sessions to stretch and target problem areas.

Benefits of assisted stretching include improving one’s sports performance, increasing range of motion and flexibility, reducing muscle and joint pain, improving posture, and reducing overall stress.

Each session begins with a MAPS scan — a 3D analysis of the body. This advanced technology communicates how well the body’s mobility, activation, posture, and symmetry are. Flexologists use this assessment to pinpoint favorable exercises.

With the standard 50-minute session, an individual can expect a full-body stretch while focusing on the major muscles and extremities. The 25-minute option is for those who need to relieve muscle tightness but don’t have time for an entire workout. Stretches are done on custom-designed benches.

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