Runs and Races in St. Augustine

“A month-by-month guide for runners and walkers.”

St. Augustine is a great place for all kinds of runners, whether you run marathons or like to jog on weekends. We’ve put together a list of upcoming running events. Plus, we’ve added monthly tips and info to help you hit the ground running.

See what races are happening. Each month offers its own running experience with a variety of racing events. 

January February March April
May June July August
September October November December


Eliud "Heldy" Ngetich was the male winner of the Matanzas 5K in 2015.

St. Augustine has cool, nice weather for runners in January. It’s ideal for evening jogs and off-season training. These mild temperatures are perfect for long-distance training and off-season races. January is a great month to get out of the crowded gyms and see St. Augustine from a new perspective.


The boardwalk on-site as part of the nature walk

February continues with mild weather, allowing runners to explore various terrains without discomfort. You can take a peaceful run on Anastasia State Park’s sandy trails. Or, you can jog at sunset alongside the Matanzas Inlet. February conditions are excellent for new and experienced athletes gearing up for races later in the year.


Runners will let their colors shine in the First Coast Color Run May 8, 2021.

As spring approaches, the days are warmer and ideal for intense training sessions. March is a great time to see Florida’s natural scenery with runs at the Washington Oaks Gardens State Park or early morning runs along the St. Johns County Ocean Pier


Runners posing with finisher medals for Hastings' Spud Run

April brings warmer weather and spring’s full bloom. It’s perfect for runs through nature trails or along the city’s scenic waterfront. Running later in the evening is especially nice because it’s cooler.


Runner grabbing a bottle of water during a race checkpoint

May gets hotter and more humid, making it a good idea for runners to go out early in the morning. Running near the beaches can be cooler because of the sea breeze, but hydration is still key. Trail running and hiking in places such as the Nocatee Preserve will keep you in the shade and out of the hot sun.


The summer season begins with high temperatures and humidity, so runners need to drink plenty of water and protect themselves from the sun. Running early in the morning is a good idea, and the routes along the coast are cooler and offer beautiful views of the sunrise. June is also a great month for active rest and cross-training such as evening walks, morning hikes, and cycling. 


Purple running shoes sitting in front of the ocean

July is also hot and humid, but oceanfront runs on a breezy morning can feel refreshing. A breezy morning run on one of St. Augustine’s beaches provides the best setting for those looking to maintain their running regimen. Shorter runs are ideal and runners should plan to beat the heat with hydration, hats, and sunscreen.


A boardwalk is part of the nature trail

August is still very hot, so it’s important to run on shaded paths when possible and drink plenty of water to stay cool in August. Swimming is also a good exercise to mix with running to help you stay fit.


Sunset casts warm hues over the calm waters of the bayfront

September is still warm, but it starts to cool down a bit, making it nice for running. The Ancient City streets and bayfront are not as crowded, so you can enjoy a peaceful run.


Runners dress up in costume for the Jail Break 5K in St. Augustine on Halloween weekend.

October is one of the best times to run in St. Augustine because it’s cooler and not too humid. The weather feels nice, and the crisp air makes exploring longer trails more enjoyable. October is a great time for fun runs, long-distance paces, and exploring St. Augustine’s parks


St. Augustine is a great place to go running in November. The weather is cooler and a run along waterfront trails provides a beautiful backdrop. November is peak running season in St. Augustine with several running events filling the calendar. These events are popular so registering early is suggested.


A person dressed as the Grinch celebrates with two girls showing their medals at the Santa Suits on the Loose 5K event in St. Augustine

December in St. Augustine means mild winter weather and enjoyable runs, and December also means Nights of Lights. The dazzling display increases visitor visits, making established run events the best way to see the city in running shoes. For personal runs, it’s best to stick to trails away from Historic Downtown. December’s cool weather is perfect for holiday-themed runs or peaceful jogs.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, running is a great way to see the Oldest City from a different perspective while keeping fit. 

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